Eco-Friendly Construction

We’ve never been the type of company to neglect environmental concerns

Help us help the planet

Any kitchen or bathroom makeover undertaking needn’t be damaging to the environment and it won’t be when you appoint Granite Transformations Stoke.

The Products

Granite Transformations is one of the greenest companies you will come across in this industry. Our main objective is to remain environmentally-friendly at all times so that we, and our customers, preserve the planet’s health. Unlike a lot of firms, we restrict the use of raw materials as much as we possibly can and prefer to utilise waste materials when creating our industry-leading products. Recycling is another important element of what we do. We were responsible for upcycling the trademark blue glass used in SKYY® Vodka bottles and transforming it into the sensational glass mosaic tiles that we have become renowned for specialising in. Recycling so much enables us to keep our worktops to a thickness of only ¼ inch, making it simple for them to be applied to existing surfaces. Very little gets sent to landfill too as we use geologic waste wherever possible. Currently, 78% of our products contain recycled content.

The Process

You can only be sustainable as Granite Transformations Stoke by adhering to innovative processes:

  • The use of technologically advanced water recycling systems helps us to limit water wastage.
  • Recycled materials are a key constituent when we’re manufacturing our products.
  • There’s no need for us to cause any debris as our worktops can be added to existing countertops.
  • It’s incredibly easy to transport our worktops to their intended destination as they’re extremely lightweight.
  • Our dedication to sustainability has been recognised by some of the world’s foremost environmental organisations, architects and designers.

The Perfection

If you’re similarly eager to protect the environment for future generations then choosing Granite Transformations Stoke is a no-brainer. All the manufacturing and installation we undertake is done so utilising “green” methods and caused us to create the slogan “choose to walk with the world”. People have done exactly that and gain huge satisfaction from knowing that they’re doing their bit for Mother Earth.

We hold various accreditations acknowledging our eco-friendly processes and have been recognised by GREENGUARD.