Commercial Space Reimagined

To be big in business you need a stylish commercial setting

We’ll keep you one step ahead

Clients and customers will be racing to do business with you once you have had your commercial space reimagined by our talented designers.

The Products

You couldn’t wish for a more diverse selection of quartz and recycled glass worktops, not to mention the visually striking glass mosaic tiles that we produce. They’re resilient enough to withstand the ageing process as we’ve ensured everything is heat-resistant, scratch-resistant and stain-resistant.

The Process

We would never dream of making anything available to the public until it has been subjected to various testing procedures.

  • We are the preferred makeover specialist for a host of child-based locations including schools as we are in possession of a GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality certificate.
  • Our manufacturing standards are exceptionally high and abide by the stringent “green” procedures we have put in place. This helps us qualify for LEED points.
  • There will be little disruption to your business during the installation phase as most projects are completed in a day or two.

The Perfection

The perfectly designed commercial space that you have envisaged in your mind is entirely achievable as we make an enormous effort to ensure our products are of the very finest quality. When you begin to appreciate the level of manufacturing and craftsmanship that goes into each individual item you will be pleasantly surprised by how affordable our solutions are. We keep prices down so that the door isn’t shut on anyone from remodelling their business.