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Kitchen Remodelling

The kitchen has eclipsed the living room as the most utilised space in many contemporary households. If you frequently revert to your kitchen after a hard day at work it makes sense to turn into a highly fashionable setting that all the family can enjoy. We have kitchen solutions that will deliver endless elegance to all types of kitchens, traditional or modern. Read more

Bathroom Remodelling

An air of relaxation should overtake you the moment that you enter into your bathroom. You will only experience such a sensation when the various fittings and fixtures are on point and the decorative scheme used in the bathroom offers pleasing attractiveness. There’s no excuse for allowing your home to fall out of favour in the style stakes.Read more

Commercial Space Reimagined

You need to have that competitive edge in business if you want your company to prevail over rival firms. The appearance of your commercial space could have a surprising amount of influence on whether clients and customers choose to go to you or somebody else. Get your office in the best possible shape with the latest makeover solutions.Read more

Eco-Friendly Construction

Granite Transformations Stoke always makes a concerted effort to produce our offerings in a sustainable manner. The numerous kitchen and bathroom products that you see showcased on our website have all been manufactured with the environment firmly in mind and done so with minimal damage to the planet’s health. Read more