We have all areas of the kitchen covered

Whatever you have in mind for your kitchen makeover project, Granite Transformations has the products to help you succeed. Whether you’re looking to give your entire kitchen a brand new look or just wanting to make a few subtle changes here and there, we have the expertise and work surfaces required to breathe new life into it.

Exchanging your old-style kitchen for something more fashionable and on trend will be one of the finest investments you ever make.

To make your rejuvenated kitchen even more sophisticated you can incorporate waterfall ends into your cabinets and choose to have a central island fitted in the room. We also have splashbacks for those wanting to add more colour into their kitchen.

  • We can give your kitchen the extra edge

    Homeowners find the unique slenderness of our work surfaces to be one of their most attractive assets. However, they can be adapted should you think that thicker edging will suit your kitchen better. Just tell us what kind of edging you would prefer and we will craft them accordingly.

  • Unbelievably light in comparison to most kitchen worktops

    Just because our kitchen worktops are significantly lighter than most conventional kitchen worktops doesn’t mean that they don’t perform as well, they do. They possess an enormous amount of strength and durability so that they can withstand virtually anything placed on them for years to come.

    Because they’re so lightweight it also makes it easy for us to fit them and in double quick time in comparison to how long it would take to install a traditional worktop.

  • Outstanding performance is a certainty

    Each granite, glass and recycled work surface contains high grade polyester, one of their key ingredients. This polyester is responsible for the exceptional performance that it demonstrates in kitchens across the globe and makes it capable of bearing very heavy objects, whilst also keeping the surface free from imperfections.

    ‘If you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen’ is the famous saying. Well our work surfaces can pretty much stand up to anything, and as proof as this we provide them with a lifetime warranty.